Company’s target is the production of Quality, Safe and Healthy products providing the absolute assurance to the final recipient , as well as the customers service, up to the level of the total satisfaction of their claims and at the same time the success of high level of productivity and efficiency.

For achieving this goal the Company KORONZI D. BROTHERS CO. spares :
• Good organization.
• Well trained stuff.
• Mechanical equipment of advanced technology.
• High standards products.
and cooperates with :
• Accredited -Technologically advanced microbiological and analytical laboratory

Company’s personnel is in charge for the commitment’s assurance considering the Quality, with actions taking place at the same time, for a constant attempt, that refers to the improvement of all providing products and services, setting a specific timing limit and targets that can be materialized and evaluated with specific countable specifications.

The Company will operate its own technical department to implement its Quality Policy.
To achieve this the Company operates a two point plan:


The Company will be duly diligent in the supply of all products to its customers, and will therefore allow our customers to rely on the products we supply. We will allow our customers to demonstrate their own Due Diligence.
We will achieve this by guaranteeing complete traceability on the products we supply.

All products are purchased from suppliers according to agreed specifications.
All products are checked upon arrival to confirm agreement to the specification.
Out of specification product is rejected and not accepted into store.
The Company undertakes that it will endeavour at all times to be aware of all issues currently affecting the food products which it sells, and have complete technical knowledge relating to these.

The Quality Policy publication to the whole Company’s personnel forms part of the whole procedure and refers to each and every chance that is related with Food Safety issues.
The Policy for the hygiene and safety of the products, that has the Management and Company’s personnel adopted , enforces the application of one hygiene’s system that products goods, with the Hazard Analysis of the Critical Control Points – HACCP.
The implementation of the Good Hygiene Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices, according to the HACCP plan, are essential prerequisites for one proper validated assurance,
that refers to the Quality and Safety of Company’s products. In addition the Company focuses on:
1. consumer’s protection from the natural risk that might arise from glass
2. consumer’s protection from Genetically Modified Products (GMO)
3. consumer’s protection from allergens

KORONZI D. BROTHERS CO. recognizes and appoints the customers’ demands, searches out and records the legislative and other demands that govern their function and serves all the above to the officers , the workers, the clients , the organizations and everyone else the Management reckons , while using all the means referring at the Food Safety Management System.
The Company with the enforcement of Quality Policy, operates at the general plan of Constant Improvement, reviews all the time the appropriateness and provides all the infrastructure that is required for the Company’s proper function , such as the building plant, the workings, the mechanical equipment , the human resources, environmental friendly and appropriate working environment .

General Manager and all the people in charge at the Departments, are responsible for the enforcement of Quality and Food Safety Management System at their area and are sure that their stuff is being updated for it’s demands, as well as what is being asked from them .

Company’s philosophy is to have the best possible longterm cooperation with clients for mutual  profits.